Date night… It’s a phrase that usually brings a smile to most people’s faces. After all, when you’ve been able to finally get the chance to spend that time together with your partner it helps you to reconnect. But what do you do when date night becomes a struggle because of work and family obligations? Don’t worry, Box’d Night In has shared 10 ideas for the perfect at-home date night for busy parents. These ideas are quick and easy to execute, and they won’t break the bank. Get ready to have some fun with your partner!

Valentine's Day Busy Parents

1. Create a romantic dinner for two

Cooking at home can be a great way to spend time together and have an intimate meal without all the hassle of going out. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for you to show off your cooking skills! Try making something special that you both love, or try a new recipe together from EveryPlate. Either way make it fun together

2. Have an indoor picnic

Set up a blanket on the floor somewhere in your house (or backyard) and lay out some snacks and drinks. Play some relaxing music in the background and add some candles for extra romance!

3. Enjoy game night Board

Board games are always fun, and they’ve probably been sitting in the back of some cupboard collecting dust? Choose one of your favourite games (or a new one!) and take turns challenging each other. 

4. Movie Marathon

Set up some popcorn and get comfy on the couch or bed. Pick a classic movie, binge watch something on Netflix or even choose a film you watched on one of your first dates together – the possibilities are endless! Our Movie Night box is the perfect pairing to this date night idea.

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5. DIY spa night

Unwind together by creating a relaxing spa experience at home. Run a hot bath, light candles, put on some soothing music and make it even more special with body oil and massages for two.

6. Go virtual exploring

If you’re feeling adventurous and missing the travels because of school life, why not explore places around the world together? You can use Google Earth to take a virtual tour of different countries and learn about their culture and history. Why not take it further and pick a place in advance and create snacks to suit the culture.

7. Play a game of truth or dare

This classic game never gets old. Take turns asking each other questions or challenging each other to do silly dares – it can be quite revealing and definitely entertaining!

8. Have some wine tasting

You don’t need to go out for a fancy wine-tasting experience. Instead, pick up different bottles of wine from your local store and pour them into glasses marked with numbers so you can’t tell which is which. Then take turns trying each type of wine and rating them based on taste and aroma

9. Paint together

Get creative by painting or drawing something together! You could create one big painting that you both work on, or take turns painting a canvas and then see how your artwork looks together. And if you’re on a budget why not pull out the kids paints and paper to create something together or look at our date and paint box.

10. Stargaze

Take the romance outdoors by stargazing in your backyard or balcony. Look up at the night sky, spot constellations, and share stories about what you see – it’s a great way to end an evening!


If you’re really time poor and want date nights organised for you, then choose a Box’d Night In date night. Our boxes are the perfect couples date night box and take date nights at home up a notch, with an exciting range of activities, treats and entertainment — designed for a night of relaxation and reconnection for two, thoughtfully pre-planned for you. Designed by busy parents for busy parents.

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