Rebecca Little is a proud Mama bear of three girls (including twins), entrepreneur, and ambassador for Share the Dignity, and manages an Instagram account followed by almost 50,000 women. To say that Christmas can get a little crazy isn’t far from the truth.

Rebecca shares how she manages to keep calm and create some memories during the festive season.

Rebecca Little with husband and daughters

Do you have a Christmas eve tradition?

RL: Yes! We do! We head to our local Christmas Carols which is only a short walk from home. It’s so great to see all of the local community together and celebrating the Christmas spirit. The weather is usually amazing and happy vibes are in the air. When we get home we put out treats for Santa and his reindeer! Once all 3 girls are in bed, we get to wrap the last of the presents! We try to be in bed by midnight because we know the girls will be up at 5am! Hahaha

What does your Christmas morning look like?

RL: Christmas morning is an early start in our household! Always has, always will be. Mum puts the tunes on, Dad gets the coffee happening.. and we sit and watch the excitement and joy unfold. The most priceless gift is the happiness and smiles across everyone’s faces!

Is there a tradition that you are hoping to pass on to the girls?

RL: I just hope that whatever traditions we pass on are happy ones! 

Real or fake Christmas tree?

RL: We always had a fake tree until the last two years! My husband was determined to do the whole Christmas farm thing… but hopefully the novelty has worn off this year! So many spiders and pine needles! 

What is on the top of the girl’s wish list this year?

RL: The twins are asking for a bike.. and Charlotte would like an iPad (Not sure if we are ready to give in yet… she’s 8)

Rebecca Little with husband and 3 daughters

How far in advance do you complete your Christmas shopping?

RL: I’m usually very organised, definitely before the end of November. My husband is Christmas Eve without fail – I’ve learnt he will never change! 

What has been the most memorable gift you have received?

RL: The most memorable gift was definitely waking up on Christmas Day in New York City. We travelled around America when Charlotte was One and it was a dream to have a white Christmas! It didn’t snow.. but New York definitely made up for it. It was truly magical!

What is your biggest tip for keeping calm in the lead-up?

RL: Be organised and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect and have everything perfect! 

How do you give back during the festive season?

RL: For the past five years I have been involved with Share the Dignity Australia. This year we are hoping to have 500 bags filled with essentials for those fleeing domestic violence, those experiencing homelessness and those experiencing a hard time. “It’s in the Bag” runs every November and anyone can fill a bag and drop it off at their local Bunnings. Through the business Little Miss Period, we also make monetary donations throughout the year to Share the Dignity.

Tell us about Little Miss Period

Little Miss Period box

RL: Little Miss Period is a safe and inclusive space where people who menstruate can be equipped with all the knowledge and products to ride their period rollercoaster. Little Miss Period has a wide range of period care including Period Boxes, Period Briefs, Menstrual Cups, Reusable Pads and Educational Books! Helping People like you and me through the ups, downs, ins and outs. We are here to inspire, empower, educate and support you! 

How important is it that a young girl is prepared for her first period?

RL: I think it’s super important for young people who menstruate to be prepared for their first period. It’s such a huge milestone and lots of changes will happen to their bodies. Puberty typically starts between the ages of 8 and 13 – it can happen earlier or later too! They might be feeling stressed, scared or confused about the changes that are about to happen so having conversations is important. It is never too early to start these conversations. You can begin by starting with the basics and supplying them with period care products that they may need. There are so many great period products out there now – like period underwear – that will make this time easier than it once was. Pads, Tampons, Cups, Discs, Reusable Pads, Period Underwear. It comes down to letting them know what period care products are available to them and what they are most comfortable with. It’s an exciting time!


Rebecca Little is an advocate for female confidence and empowerment which shines through in her work with Share the Dignity Australia (a registered charity helping vulnerable women and girls in our community) and Little Miss Period. In her spare time, Rebecca loves to dote on her family, husband Dion and three little ladies, Charlotte, 6, and Twins Florence and Penelope!

Bec Little with husband and 3 daughters