The short answer? Yes! Every school mum knows that when it rains during the school term, it will be at school pick up and drop off. Not on the drive there, not as you arrive home. But just as you need to leave the car. After facing years of cold feet and soggy socks during the runs in silence, I turned to the trusted ASM Community asking for recommendations for footwear that will keep my toes warm and give me a little bit of extra street cred.

Merry People Gumboots

Merry People boots were recommended over and over again.

I had to check that I wasn’t scrolling through my Facebook feed and being targeted to paid advertisements. There were real mums, recommending the same brand for the same reasons. Here are some of the things they were saying:

I live in my Merry People boots. Everyday. There is no need for anything else. 

They are so comfortable, have a reliable grip, waterproof, and actually look good!



Merry People is the best investment! I’m just annoyed that I didn’t purchase them earlier!



Perfect for school drop off and pick up in the suburbs and when we spend our weekends in the country. The most versatile footwear I own. 


I was being influenced by real Mums. I needed to know more..

After a very quick search it turns out that Merry Boots have been on the scene for over 20 years and are an iconic fashion statement all over the world. Founded in Melbourne by Dani Holloway after having ruined multiple pairs of shoes commuting in Melbourne I became even more confident that these are the investment I’ve been looking for.

I gave in. The Bobbi Gumboot in a Sky Blue was calling my name.

Selecting a colour may have taken me way too long to admit  but the truth is, with the selection, you can’t go wrong. (and according to the many Mums, you may end up with more than one anyway!)

Merry People Gumboots

Selecting a size causes a little bit of concern for many (me included!), but there is a size guide on each of the product pages that helps. They note that their sizing runs true to size so it’s best to order your normal shoe size. If you are half a size, it’s best to size down. Still unsure? You can compare the innersole measurements of the boots to an existing pair of shoes you already own. The customer service team also makes it really easy to exchange and return unworn boots with free postage. As mums we have enough to worry about so we can cross this one off the list!

A speedy turnaround service meant they were in my hands in a matter of days. 

Merry People Gumboots

Here are some of the features that I love about the Merry People Bobbi Gumboots:

  • 100% waterproof to keep toes warm and socks dry
  • Natural rubber gumboots providing protection and insulation
  • Lined with a with flexible neoprene material (wetsuit style) making it easy to slip on and off
  • 100% vegan; no animal products (or byproducts) are used and are 100% cruelty free
  • 12 month warranty – love that Merry People back themselves
  • Arch support for comfort. Now that this luxury has been experienced in gumboots, there is no turning back.


If you are waiting for a sale or looking for a discount code to make a purchase? Don’t. Merry People don’t actually discount their products at all. They strive to offer the lowest possible price all year around. This again gives me confidence in their products and brand (It also means you won’t see them on sale the day after purchase!)

These gumboots are a must have for every mum. Trendy enough for the school run without the hassle of unpredictable weather, sturdy enough to go bushwalking in and protective for the Saturday morning soccer games. The classic style of Bobbi gumboots means that they always look great but more important they are lightweight and flexible making them incredibly comfortable. Sold? Jump into the ASM Community and share your colour of choice.