With the school year upon us it is easy to become overwhelmed with the number of items to buy. We also have to consider the brands that will stand the test of time lasting the school year. And if you are a first time school parent this can be even more daunting! We have done all the hard work for you – based on feedback in the Australian School Mums Community, we have gathered the ultimate back to school guide for you and your children where you will find everything you need for the school year. We know that costs can add up quickly so there are also some exclusive discounts for you to enjoy!

Here are our must have essentials for back to school:

School Supplies

1. B.Box Lunch Box by Bambino Love

BBox Lunch Box

Looking for a lightweight, leak proof and generous size lunchbox? Check out our B.Box lunchbox. B.Box lunch box features a large compartment that fits a whole sandwich. Under the sandwich tray, there’s a small gel cooler pack to keep your food fresher for longer. Or you may remove the sandwich tray for pasta, salad, bagel, roll or burger. We love the unique flexi whole food compartment with the stretchy seal that allow you to pack a whole apple. The leak proof silicone seal will allow you to pack wet foods like watermelon and yogurt. You will love the easy to open design, with handle and large grip clip. This will encourage independence for young children. B.Box lunchbox is perfect for all ages.

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2. B.Box Insulated Lunch Bag by Jelly Tots

BBox Lunch Bag

The Bbox insulated lunch bag keeps food fresher for longer. Featuring an easy to use zipper opening, hygienic, seamless interior base for a thorough clean. The carry handle helps for on-the-go and breathable side pockets keep drink bottle in place. Dimensions: 250mm(w) x 285mm(h) x 90mm (d) Inner tray size dimensions: 230mm x 270mm x 75mm

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3. Frank Green 1lt Drink Bottle by The Bento Buzz

Frank Green Water Bottle

This is the ultimate reusable bottle from Frank Green: it’s beautiful, maintains your beverage temperature and keeps your drink tasting just the way you like it. With its multi award-winning design, triple insulation and ceramic lined base it’s easy to see why Frank Green is popular. A teen’s dream bottle and highschool ‘must have’ for style, and parents must have thanks to the dishwasher safe base, the full range of Frank Green drink bottles is available in store and online now at The Bento Buzz!

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4. Alimasy School Backpack

Alimasy School Backpack

The Alimasy school backpack is a unique spacious three pocket design which is made from the highest quality materials and built to last. Fully lined with our unique 100% waterproof lining to keep contents dry and naturally repel dirt, mould, and odour. The ergonomic padded breathable back and padded adjustable straps provide all day comfort and ensure a great fit every time even as they grow. Alimasy has really paid attention to all the tiny details to make life easier with a padded laptop pocket, two deep side pockets, name label and multiple hanging and storage handles. All Alimasy bags have a lifetime warranty and are 100% safe as they are lead free, BPA free, PVC Free and Phthalate free.

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5. Personalised Bag Tag by Minting Memories

Personalised Bag Tag

The ideal way to help your kids recognise their bag at school – let them choose the picture from over 25 different illustrations! Cleverly designed to conceal personal details from a distance, the tag is two pieces of wood on a strong keychain held closed with concealed magnets which can push apart to reveal your details. This way, no one will see your child’s name while they are wearing the bag, but if a lost bag is found it can be easily returned. Using wood that is strong yet lightweight, we hand finish the tags with a light coat of natural beeswax to protect the wood from dirt and grime to survive the schoolyard. Place your orders early to ensure delivery in time for week 1!

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6. Name Labels by AnaJosie Designs

AnaJosie Designs Name Labels Back to School

Make losing your child’s belongings a thing of the past with our range of name labels. Available in a range of colours, sizes and designs, you are sure to find something that your child loves. The labels are waterproof and tear proof and the bright colours stand out on your child’s belongings, so they don’t get lost. Using premium quality material, they are sure to stay stuck on anything you put them on. They can be used for books, lunch boxes, drink bottles, pencils and anything else that you need to label for your child.

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7. Self Inking Clothing Name Stamps by Stuck on You

Stuck On You Name Stamp

Ditch the blotchy marker and stamp uniforms, socks, shoes, books, bottles, hats, bags and just about anything else you can think of with this stamp. It’s a self-contained stamp so you don’t need to get messy with an ink pad. The non-toxic, colour-fast textile ink is permanent and wash resistant, so you’ll never lose anything ever again! Personalise with a first and last name plus a fun icon to help kids still learning their ABC’s spot their stuff. Stuck On You’s name stamp has been dermatologically tested so it’s a great option for kids with skin sensitivities. Anyone who can’t stand a scratchy label on their neck will love this lil gadget because you can stamp it directly onto fabrics. Parents have been obsessed with Stuck On You’s personalised school essentials for over 25 years.

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8. Book Covers by School Buzz

Book covers school buzz

Dread the thought of covering your kids’ schoolbooks with Contact this year? Take all the stress away with School Buzz book covers – slip on non-toxic PVC covers in many different designs for boys and girls. Scrapbook, A4 and little exercise covers available – and check out our amazing 6/packs of assorted design colourways. Sloths, llamas, Glitter Marble, Pixelated, Diggers, Tracks, Dogs with Glasses, Ombre Honey, Space, Game On, Diamond Unicorns, Tie Dye Dreams – the list is endless! School Buzz is a small family business on the Sunshine Coast.

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9. Personalised Bags by Tizzle and Co.

Library Bag Back to School

At Tizzle and Co. we supply and personalise library bags, sports bags and swimming bags. Our products are excellent quality and our small family business provides excellent customer service. Our bags can be personalised with any design and name, and in any colour. With a water resistant material and front zipped pocket, these bags are perfect for school.

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10. Personalised Pencil Cases by Em & Kat Creations

Personalised Pencil Cases

Personalised pencil cases are an essential back to school item! These canvas pencil cases are available in white, black, hot pink or turquoise, have a waterproof lining, and are finished with rose gold metal zips. Add a special touch with your child’s name on the front of the pencil case in your choice of a range of colours and fonts.

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11. Positivity Pencils by Chandala Design

Positivity Pencils Back to School

Start the school year with a set of 6 Lead Pencils, each engraved with positive affirmations to remind your little one how special they are. They can be personalised with a name on the back of each pencil for an extra $2 per set. With engraved positive affirmations, these pencils can help build and maintain a positive mindset, whilst also helping to build self-esteem and confidence. These are perfect for a starting school gift, stocking fillers, and also end of year gifts for both teachers and students. They are also a great pick me up gift to let someone know how special they are. There are a total of 12 positive affirmations with 6 randomly selected to make up a set.

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12. Personalised Tracing Boards by Milestones and Mayhem

Personalised Tracing Boards

An acrylic name tracing board is a fun and interesting way to encourage your child to learn to write their name! It also boosts their confidence coming into the new school year, as well as giving them a head start on their handwriting journey. Our personalised tracing boards are designed to assist children to learn correct letter formation, promote early literacy and creative writing opportunities, encourage speech, name recognition and develop fine motor skills. Each tracing board is made from high quality 3mm clear acrylic, finished with rounded corners for safety. Names are etched on the reverse side to provide a smooth surface for writing. Our personalised name tracing board is created in the foundation font for each Australian (and NZ) state, simply let us know your font.

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13. School Hair Accessories by Adorable Accessories

School Hair Accessories

Finding hair accessories to match your school’s dress code can be a nightmare, we offer a large range of hair accessories in just about any colour combo or plain colour you can think of. We have over 60 different styles of school clips, school hair ties & school headbands, to keep their hair in place all day whilst they are learning, playing and having fun. All of our accessories are easy to use and made using high quality clips/ties and excellent ribbons to ensure they are easy to use and are durable. We custom make every school hair accessory so if we don’t have your colours listed, we can create them for you. Our school range is also great for sports teams, dance and make fantastic gifts for children starting school.

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Getting Organised

14. My School Memories Keepsake Album

The my school memories album is the complete storage system for your child’s school memories.  The keepsake album includes 13 pocket pages, one for every school year that stores, protects and cherishes all the memories brought home from school. Everything from their school photos, ribbons to certificates and special drawings. (Meaning you’ll never lose a school photo and that top draw will be tidy!) Each of the pocket pages includes prompts(front and back) that captures that moment in time for years to come. Focused on the Australian School system, and suitable for all states and territories. Made in Australia with a lux leather look that is easy to care for, and stylish to sit in any bookcase. The biggest question is whether to choose a pink, blue or silver font.

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15. First Day of School Board by Luxe Laser Studio

First Day of School Board

Looking to remember your littlest one’s most special moments? Our First Day of Boards are a perfect way to capture the first day of each school year or sporting activity. Made with lovely birch timber, acrylic and whiteboard, re-use time and time again with a whiteboard marker. Personalised with your little one’s name these make a great gift to last the years!

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16. Ready for School book by My Big Moments

Ready for School Book by My Big Moments

Dreading tears at drop-off? Ready for School is a children’s book to help kids start school with confidence. Ready for School, creates courageous schoolkids using wisdom from experts in child development, neuroscience, play therapy, and psychology. The book prepares children for starting school by: Engaging them in their preparation, showing them what to expect and learning strategies to cope when they need extra support. My Big Moments books are packed with practical language, ideas, and strategies to engage kids in a story about their own real-life situations while gaining valuable life skills. My Big Moments makes the tricky job of parenting a whole lot easier with expert advice at the back of each book to help mums, dads, and caregivers guide their kids through life’s first milestones. Order your copy of Ready for school and help your child start school with confidence.

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17. School Years Photo Frame by Molossi Designs

School Years Photo Frame

Have you noticed how much your little one changes each year? Keep a record of their school photos all in the one place, so you can see them growing up each year. Our School Years Photo Frame is the perfect addition to the home or gift for the grandparents. Approximately 400 x 600 in size.

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18. Little Agenda Weekly Planner by Second Scout

Little Agenda Weekly Planner Back to School

Do we have swimming today? How many sleeps to go until my birthday party? Is today a school day? Little Agenda, our magnetic timber visual planner has been designed specifically to help answer these questions using pictures. Perfect for school children, this cleverly designed tactile planner can be interpreted with ease…even by non-readers. Start the school year without overwhelm by introducing Little Agenda to your home. It’s not only practical, but a welcome edition for the interior-conscious too. There are also hundreds of add on picture tile designs are available, from activities & interests to school & additional needs.

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19. Sand Timers by The Sensory Sloth

Sand Timers by The Sensory Sloth

School mornings can be hectic! Have you thought about using visual timers with your children to ease the chaos in your morning routine? Sand timers are excellent visual tools parents and teachers can use to help children. They can count down to the end of an activity to make transitions less tricky and can be used in daily routines at home and in the classroom. Visual timers allow children to independently see the time counting down in an accurate and measured way. There is a clear beginning, middle, and end which allows children to understand what will happen when the sand runs out. Sand timers are also perfect for use in games and timing experiments, turn taking, transitioning between activities, timing screen access or homework tasks. How will you use yours? Shop our entire sensory inclusive school range now!  For easy identification each timer is colour coded- Pink-2 minutes, Blue-5 minutes, Green-10 minutes.

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20. I AM… A Book About ME by Kate Marshall

I AM...A Book About Me!
I AM… A Book About ME! is an engaging children’s book designed to empower our little ones through Positive Affirmations, creativity and open communication. The beautiful, colourful Illustrations are the wonderful creations of children that are relatable (and really cute). The book encourages open communication with open questions to discuss emotions, feelings and self-awareness on each page. It also promotes creativity by the use of blank pages for the young reader to create their own affirmations.  A truly special book for children aged 2-12 years to Empower, Encourage and promote Self Love. The perfect Book to give as a gift to any child in your life.

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21. Brave Potion Pouch by The Little Potion Co

The Little Potion Co

This little pouch by The Little Potion Co has the ingredients to create the perfect potion for any little adventurer starting school or nervous about returning after the holidays. With instructions to make the potion, an affirmation card and a magical mantra to recite, this bravery potion calls upon the magic inside you, helping your child to create a brave heart and mind when entering a world of unknown. Watch the potion fizz and bubble, visualise your favourite safe place and then put a drop of potion onto a toy or amulet, infusing it with the magic so they can take it with them wherever they go. Every child wants to believe in magic and when the magic is inside you, anything is possible.

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22. Personalised Affirmation Boards by Hello Mischief

Positive Affirmation Boards

Talking nice to ourselves is sometimes a hard thing to master. Starting positive self talk when our children are young may increase their feelings of self worth, self love and confidence in the world. Encouraging our children to have daily affirmations is a great way to start the day. Hello Mischief’s Affirmation Boards can be personalised to include not only your child’s name but any wording that has special meaning to you or your child.

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23. Group Gifts for Birthdays Made Easy by GroupTogether

Group Giving GroupTogether

Sick of clutter from unwanted plastic birthday gifts? This year, do it better, different. Why not let everyone chip in a little for one really loved gift. Do it for your child or for everyone’s birthday. It’s EASY PEASY. Maybe you’ve tried GroupTogether at work or for the teacher’s group gift. Go to GroupTogether.com and create a link in 1 minute, then:

  1. Share the link via text, email or as part of the birthday invitation.
  2. Friends chip in and sign the card online.
  3. Then withdraw the cash or choose a gift card or gift from GroupTogether’s gift store. Print the card and gift voucher or send it digitally.
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24. Weekly Acrylic Planner by Her ChaosAcrylic Weekly Planner Her Chaos

We get it! School weeks are chaotic enough without adding all the extra curriculars throughout the year. Take control of your chaotic family life with our freestanding and wall mounted acrylic planners. Our busy mums love our planners because of their simplistic style & convenient package that comes complete with a pen and cloth to get you planning instantly!

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25. Create Space Planner by Leanne Baker Daily

Create Space Planner Leanne Baker

The start of the school year can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You are doing an incredible job. The way your house looks is not a reflection of how you are doing. The way you feel is. Having dishes to do, laundry piles and living mess is normal. During school terms, schedules are full. Keep your eyes on what truly matters in this season of your life. My goal is for our planners to help you feel calm in your space, schedule what needs time and to avoid you becoming overwhelmed. You’ve got this! One small step at a time. Let’s make this a great school year. Create space in your day to day life using our Planner. Reset, refocus and let’s recharge together.

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Educational Support

26. Ultimate Educational Kit by Yay 4 Play

Ultimate Educational Kit

Accelerate your child’s learning! These specially curated educational games are great to prepare kids to do well at school! They’re fun, engaging, and most importantly, they build important skills like numeracy, language and problem solving. Perfect for 3-6 year old’s to combine play and learning for success at school. Encourage your child to use their fine and big motor movement and the ability to focus and pay attention – the exact skills they need to succeed. Download our free Yay4Play App to find over 100 activities that scale in difficulty to engage your child’s mind at any level. Our educational kits are affordable and adaptable for all abilities, including autistic children. Shipping for orders over $50 is free.

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27. My Unique Fussy Eater by Eat Play Learn Nutrition

Eat Play Learn Nutrition

My Unique Fussy Eater is a program created specifically for you and your little one to empower both of you while transitioning to school term, especially if school lunch is a concern. You and Fern will, together, develop an action plan to work on in weekly sessions meant to guide you to help your little one extend the range of accepted foods and enjoy mealtimes at home AND at school. The program includes a comprehensive assessment of your child’s eating pattern, five weekly sessions, weekly reports and action plans, check-ins between sessions and additional resources specific to your needs (recipes, templates, tables/lists, checklists etc). Fern uses an approach that is child-led for a smooth ‘learning to like’ mealtimes and new foods, and that is sustainable, with practical and suitable recommendations to your household and life-style, so it will become the ‘new normal’. This is not therapy, but rather a change of eating/feeding habits.

Special Offer: Free 4  week lunchbox plan + 30 mins follow up with code ASMBTS23 valid until 31/01/23

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28. Free Parent Guide: 7 Tips to Help your Child Thrive at School

Child Thrive at School

Free Parent Guide outlining the 7 must-know tips to help your child thrive in their first years of school. Get expert advice from Education Consultant and Parent Mentor Nat Matulick as she shares the top things you should be doing as a school parent to help your child to be happy, confident and successful at school. Feel more prepared, knowing you are taking the right steps in supporting your child’s school journey. Free PDF guide available to all parents by clicking the link below.

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29. Maths in 5 Easy Steps

Maths in 5 Easy Steps

Maths in 5 Easy Steps is a Course that guides parents on how to teach their children Maths Concepts at home using strategies taught in Primary schools today.  The course covers the four basic Math Operations of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The course uses a method that recognises your child’s strengths and builds upon them.  The progressive nature of the course allows for an in-depth understanding of how numbers work which leads to children being able to independently apply efficient strategies to solve different sums. The course teaches you how to apply the 5 Steps Maths Method to teach Maths concepts.  The Course includes clearly annotated Maths strategies and tiered work tasks, which parents have found helpful and easy to pick and go.  The deeper understanding of how numbers work helps children to stop relying on rote learning.

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