Clever Beginnings

Clever Beginnings
Clever Beginnings
Clever Beginnings
Clever BeginningsClever BeginningsClever Beginnings

Give your child a head start by learning how to trace and write their name, letters and numbers with the LCD Tracing Pad. Australian schools follow different handwriting fonts in different states. It is important that children learn the correct letter formation from the beginning.

Your child will learn how to write the correct letter formation, using instructional font which precisely conforms with the Education Department handwriting syllabus specifications.

With the one-click erase button, letters can be traced over and over again without the need for paper waste or dry erase mess. The technology is fun and intriguing, making letter writing engaging and fun!

Choose from 3 Tracing Pad designs and your required state school font, and provide your child’s name to receive a custom tracing insert for name writing practice.

What better way to learn fundamental literacy writing skills!!

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