Experimentary is all about doing science. It doesn’t rely on complicated equipment or needing to know a lot already, just a sense of curiosity and (mostly) stuff from around the house or the supermarket. The site is made for school or home use, so pretty much everything lines up with the curriculum.

Each experiment comes with easy to follow videos that outline the concepts being investigated, the steps to follow and the real-world applications of the science. There is also an online digital lab book for recording results. And it is for all ages, with simpler experiments for the younger ones and more open ended investigations for the older ones (or when they grow in confidence). There are also a heap of simpler science based activities that can be turned into experiments (such as trying to make the perfect slime). All up there are hours and hours of science fun to be had.

Experimentary is hosted by Dr Rob Bell, formerly of CSIRO and Network Ten’s kids’ science show, Scope. He brings his enthusiasm, knowledge and unique way of talking about science.

At a time when participation in STEM (Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology) subjects at schools is declining , we want to reverse that trend.

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