Little Miss Period

Little Miss Period
Little Miss Period
Little Miss Period
Little Miss PeriodLittle Miss PeriodLittle Miss Period


Hello Little Miss. First Period?

Or perhaps you are a carer or parent of a Little Miss? Well.. You are in the right place! Period. We are here to ride this rollercoaster with you – the in’s, out’s, up’s and down’s. We have created a box filled with all our faves that will help you navigate this new and exciting time – it doesn’t have to be scary or embarrassing!



  • Bloody Amazing Period Purse
  • Marlo and Co Living Wheatbag
  • Love Luna Teens First Period Bikini Brief
    Choice of Aqua/Watermelon or Navy/White
  • ‘Welcome To Your Period’ Book
  • Feist Tea Co Period Tea Sample
  • Libra Regular Tampons 16 pack
  • Libra Regular Pads 12 pack
  • Large Purple Floral Hair Claw
  • Large Pink Floral Hair Claw
  • And Treats… because we all love treats!


Well done on creating this box for young women! Both my daughter and I have been able to chat all things PERIOD – in a positive way! Highly recommend. Thank you again x Jacinta


About us

I am Bec and live in Warragul, Victoria, with my husband Dion and our three little ladies, Charlotte, 6, and Twins Florence and Penelope, almost 3! I have decided to launch a business not only during a pandemic, but also a lockdown. There is no right time, right?

Little Miss Period has been in my thought process for many years. You could almost say it began in my teen years… something I wish that I had! My Mum left a box of tampons on the end of my bed on the day of my 12th birthday party in 1999. I had an hour to figure it out what they were and how to use them if I wanted to get in the pool – yep, it was a Pool Party! I didn’t end up getting in the pool. I sat on the edge with toilet paper secured in my underwear and made up some silly excuse! I just avoided the conversation. We both did. We joke about it now. She didn’t want to make me feel embarrassed and I didn’t want it to be awkward!

(Sorry mum for throwing you under the bus!)

Some 20 years later.. I am here with Little Miss Period. Equipped with all the knowledge and products to ride the Period rollercoaster with a clear goal:

Young ladies to feel inspired, empowered, educated, confident and supported. Period.


Little Miss Period

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