The Bored Kids Busy Book

Learning colours
Learning shapes
Learning sizes
Learning coloursLearning shapesLearning sizes

The Original Bored kid’s busy book is an interactive book that allows kids to use their hands and mind to solve the activities in the book.

It is a wonderful hands-on toy for toddlers and pre-schoolers and you will love watching them explore and complete each page.

The bright and colourful layout of this book, along with the removable pictures, helps toddlers explore to their heart’s content

Each book is hand made and personalised with your child’s name using Australian School fonts

Each folder contains 26 pages of interactive learning including:

Pages include:
– Number Caterpillar
– Sort the Shapes
– Where do we Belong (house and Barn).
– Match the Pictures
– Put the months in Order
– Can you match the Numbers
– Tallest to Shortest
– Biggest to Smallest
– Match the Days of the Week
– Where do I belong (Road and Water)
– Directions
– Do I fly i walk
– Match the Colours
– Match the Seasons
– Match the Shapes
– Lower case Alphabet Tracing
– Upper case Alphabet Tracing
– 1-20 Numbers Tracing
– Trace the Shapes
– Can you draw an Animal
– Can you draw a Toy
– Can you draw an Activity
– Can you draw a Car

Plus 2 Personalised pages
– I can spell my Name
– I can write my Name

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