As the school year draws to a close in Australia, parents all over the country face the oh-so-thrilling task of organising end-of-year gifts for their child’s teachers. Don’t get us wrong, teachers and educators absolutely deserve the appreciation. They’ve been working their magic, transforming our little darlings into future Einsteins, and it’s only fair we do something to say thanks. But finding a genuinely meaningful teacher gift that won’t break the bank seems impossible. And the thought of collecting cash from all of the parents to give one great gift (while clearly the best for the teacher) already has us exhausted.

Take a deep breath! We’ve got you. In this guide, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about teacher and educator gifts.

Are you supposed to get teachers gifts?

It’s certainly not compulsory, but it’s very common especially in early learning and primary school. Our incredible teachers have gone above-and-beyond all year looking after our little ones, and it’s a nice gesture to say ‘thanks’ for everything they’ve done.

Group Together Teach Gift and Card

Individual teacher gifts vs. a gift from the whole class

Anything that shows the teacher some gratitude will always be appreciated. But if you’re wondering what gift the teacher would really like – we’ve got the answer.

Our friends over at GroupTogether surveyed Aussie teachers, and the stats are fascinating:

  • 97% of teachers say they’d prefer a gift from the class rather than lots of smaller individual gifts.

It makes sense, what we can afford individually just isn’t really what the teacher wants or needs. They don’t need another “#1 Teacher” mug or handcream or homemade soap. But if a class of 25 kids each chip in just $10 – thats a whopping $250 for the teacher’s gift. You can see why a gift from the whole class is so much better! 

If a class gift isn’t the ‘done’ thing at your school – why not suggest it! Trust us, the other parents will thank you for it. It’s cheaper and easier for everyone (and the teacher gets a better gift).

What gifts do teachers want?

In the same survey, Aussie teachers were asked what gift they’d love and:

  • 91% of teachers say they’d prefer a Gift Card over other gifts like hampers and handmade gifts.

For teachers, what they appreciate most is a card filled with heartfelt messages from all of the kids and parents. Pair this with a Gift Card they can put towards something they really want or need, and that’s really the ultimate gift.


“As an Educator myself I say stay away from chocolate, candles and hand cream. We are overloaded with these every time and it’s hard to put on a happy face when it’s our 5th box of chocolates we’ve been gifted. You can’t go wrong with gift cards.”

But how do you organise a group gift from the class?

We know, it sounds like a nightmare! The thought of chasing parents, getting everyone to sign the card and having stranger’s money in your bank account…no thanks! Our best advice is to use GroupTogether. It’s actually why Co-Founders and Sydney mums Ali and Julie created it in the first place. It’s a simple online tool that lets you organise everyone online in a jiffy. It’s super easy and free to use, here’s how it works:

  • You choose a card design and select if want parents to chip in too.
  • Then share your personalised link with the other parents (WhatsApp, email, SMS, etc.), and they chip in and sign the card online. 
  • You can choose from 70+ eGift Cards and gifts (including hampers, flowers and plants), or give the AnyCard and let the recipient choose. 

You can let parents sign the card without chipping in, making it truly inclusive for everyone’s financial situation. The card from the whole class is SO cute and becomes a special keepsake for the teacher. You can download it as a PDF to print and give to the teacher in person.

5 tips for organsing a successful gift from the whole class

1. Use tech

We’ve been using GroupTogether for years, and would never go back to the ‘old school’ way. No one has cash, it’s awkward asking people for money and you end up stalking parents in the car park. This way, you can do it all from your couch in a few minutes and parents can chip in from their phone while they’re waiting to pick up the kids. Easy peasy.

2. Allow for everyone’s financial situation

In your wording to the parents, consider giving a contribution guideline but make sure it’s clear that chipping in is optional. E.g. “There’s no obligation, but if you’d like to chip in for a gift for Miss Honey then $10 – $30 is plenty. If you’d prefer not to contribute, we’d still love if you can add a message to the card!”

3. Give yourself a few extra days

No doubt someone will contact you the day AFTER the gift collection has closed! Set the end date a few days before you need it, with GroupTogether you can easily re-open it for any last minute contributions. We find that a 2-3 week deadline is ideal to get people moving. 

4. Don’t overthink the gift

You’ve already heard that teachers really prefer a gift card. This way they can put it towards groceries for Christmas lunch or splurge on something nice for themselves. Give the GroupTogether AnyCard and the teacher can choose between 70+ retailer eGift Cards including Myer, David Jones, JB HiFi, Rebel Sport, Woolies and more. PS: eGift Cards are better than plastic ones because it’s always on their phone when they need it.

5. Make the card extra special

If you’re worried a gift card is a bit impersonal, pair it with GroupTogether’s super cute group card for the perfect keepsake! Everyone can add a photo or GIF with their message which makes the card look great. You could even give the class a theme – why not ask everyone to hold up a piece of art in their photo. We’d recommend printing the card at Officeworks (it only costs about $2) on good card stock to give the teacher something special in person.


In a nutshell, putting together an awesome teacher’s gift from the class is a fantastic way to say thanks to our hardworking educators. With cool tools like GroupTogether and the handy tips from this guide, you can whip up a heartfelt gift that really shows the love from the whole class. And remember, it’s not about how much cash you splash, it’s the warm fuzzies you pack into it that count. Your sweet gesture will surely stick with the teacher as a cherished memory for years to come!



GroupTogether is a website that does the heavy lifting for you – everyone can chip in and sign the card online, then you can choose a gift from their website or withdraw the funds. It’s THAT easy! And it’s free! 

It’s user-friendly platform has been used by over 1 million Aussies and has a 4.7/5 star rating on Trustpilot. It simplifies the process, allowing you to collect money easily and give the coach a memorable gift and card from the whole team.

PS: If you’re always the “organizer mum” (we know you are!) then GroupTogether is also great for teacher’s gifts, kids birthdays, baby gifts, milestone birthdays and farewells at the office. It makes collecting money from a group SO much easier, more inclusive, more fun and way less awkward.